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My name is Stephen Smith and before starting the HCG protocol through Selkirk Naturopathic, I had a full physical done complete with blood work, I was 49 years old 5'9" tall and weighed 240lbs and did minimal exercise. My systolic blood pressure 160, fasting blood glucose 10.3, my total cholesterol 8.99, triglycerides 2.9, HDL 1.21, LDL 7.2, with a cholesterol ratio of 7.43.
I was considered pre-diabetic, borderline hypertensive (high blood pressure), and with a cholesterol ratio above 4.9 I was at high risk for having a heart attack. My Dr wanted me on medications for high cholesterol, which I refused due to the side effects (I didn't want to die of cancer), and the Dr was monitoring my blood pressure and blood sugars.
Then on 4 Jan 2012 I started the HCG for my first round and I dropped 46lbs in 42 days, with no exercise, then I started maintenance as laid out in the protocol, only I took it a step further and started eating paleo (no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no potatoes). Then after 3 weeks on maintenance I started an exercise program, and after another 4 weeks I started round 2 of the HCG, this time losing 23lbs in 21 days for a total weight loss of 67lbs in 4 months!!! My weight is 173lbs...
So maintenance begins again and work outs have become very intense and I'm feeling great, time for another physical and new blood work. Now I haven't seen my Dr in 5 months and the Dr didn't know I was doing the HCG protocol.
Dr walked into exam room and starts off by saying "Wow! What have you done?" I tell the Dr and get the physical done. My systolic blood pressure now 114, and after blood work done, the results are just as astonishing: fasting blood glucose 5.1, cholesterol 5.3, triglycerides .5, HDL 1.6, LDL 3.5, and cholesterol ratio now down to a healthy 3.31.
The Dr was super impressed and tells me to tell my story. I've had my blood work done repeatedly over the year and all the results are the same within a few points, with no medications at all. Also pains that I'd had down both arms and my neck for about 3 years prior to starting the HCG, completely disappeared within days of starting the HCG.
I now continue to eat paleo as my maintenance diet, I feel great and workout daily and I'm in the best shape I've ever been in.

Thank you Dr Boutet

~Stephen Smith

"My name is Teena. I am 39 yrs old and married 21 yrs and have 2 kids. Three years ago I woke up to discover I was 20 pounds overweight. The truth is it didnít happen overnight, it was a picture I saw of myself that day that woke me up. I felt unattractive and unhealthy. What happened? Iíve been active all my life - going to the gym - eating rightÖ lost most of my pregnancy weight over the yrs, my kids are now 15 and 20.
I suffered insomnia for 3 yrs which I believe affected my whole system - metabolism, hormones, and energy levels. I needed to do something. I got my insomnia under control thanks to Dr. Boutet and then discovered a treatment that actually releases fat in all the right places. Not in a matter of months - Iím talking weeks - even days. I weighed 146.4 on Day 1, by Day 8 of the treatment I weighed 139. I was losing so fast I looked forward to getting on the scale each morning. By the end of the minimal days of treatment - Day 23 - I weighed 130.4. In a matter of 3 weeks I lost 16 pounds. If this sounds too good to be trueÖ believe me itís true. The best description - liposuction without the surgery -it re-shapes your body. Yes, there are some challenges during the treatment but so many more rewards. Smaller clothes for one. Iím feeling good in my own skin again. In fact my husband loved my results so much he tried it and lost 20 pounds. Men tend to lose more on this Protocol. People started asking what our secret was."
~Teena, HCG Weight Loss Coach.

"Ever since I started taking the B6, B3, Biotin, Zinc & Magnesium (along with the Chlorella for detox) I became so much happier. I feel so full of hope & positive strength. I feel so in control of focusing on what I want in life instead of what I donít want. I feel like Iím back in control of my happiness & power & that all the depression and anxiety is disappearing for good."

"I have had a chronic sore lower back going on about 10 years - To explain the condition it was the type of pain where if I just stood still or was walking around in the mall with my wife, it would start as a dull throbbing pain and then just ache until I lay down.
I got scheduled for an MRI. Had the MRI - The MRI showed that I had some torn ligaments - but they were not bad enough for surgery - It was just something I was told to live with and to not lift or twist too much. As a Truck Driver and Heavy Equipment Operator it is extremely hard to avoid this altogether. I came to Marc and was given a complete check up. Prolotherapy was recommended. We started the treatments. On the first treatment I noticed some improvement in the amount of pain.
Through each of the treatments I am getting steady and more pain release about treatment #5 I suddenly realized my back was not aching throughout the day - I had so much chronic low level pain I did not realize it until it was suddenly gone. The next stage of pain reduction was where I would do something (usually shovelling type work) where my back would start to get sore, but instead of staying sore it would respond well to rest. I am now at the point where I can do the repetitive work ie lifting and shovelling in a trench.
I can feel my back getting tired but not sore and no throbbing pain. I have continued to work throughout this process. On a scale of 1 - 10 my pain was a constant 4 or 5 but has now moved to a zero to one and the one is the highest - We have been shrinking the effected area and are now coming down to the last little spot. I am now pain free and confident of full back strength and health."

"My 15 yr old daughter was experiencing many symptoms; headaches, fatigue, fog brain and the most unusual leg pain. Our family physician ran some blood tests but found everything to be in the normal range. My daughter was having difficulty concentrating in school and extreme difficulties getting out of bed in the morning. Her legs were not strong enough for her to stand on in the morning. We had to reschedule her high school time table so that she could sleep in the morning and go to school in the afternoon only. We were making these changes because we did not know what else to do.
We saw Dr. Boutet who suggested that it may have something to do with being sensitive to electricity. He provided us with a body voltage meter which measures the amount of electricity passing through the body. We tested various rooms in the house and we found extraordinary high readings in my daughterís bedroom. Wediscovered that when the power to the upstairs of the home was turned off that the levels of electricity in my daughterís bedroom went down considerably. It was still not within the range that is considered safe. However, the area in the hall did reach a safe level, so we moved her bed out to there.
She started sleeping in the hall, with the power turned off at night. Within one week she was feeling better; less headaches, less fatigue, less leg pain. Within three weeks she had regained enough strength to return to school in the morning. It has now been five weeks since we have made these changes. She is back to her old self. We are so happy (and so is she!)
Most likely the excess of electricity comes from poorly insulated wiring within the wall between our two daughterís rooms. Our other daughterís bedroom also tested high, but she does not have any symptoms. In the future we may have an electrician fix the problem but for now simply turning off the power (only to the upstairs) has solved the problem.
We are grateful to Marc for helping us with this problem!!!"
~Val M.

"Coming home from work one day I swerved to avoid a deer on the road. Consequently I was hit by a truck which rendered me unconscious. Three days later I woke up to discover I had a fractured rib and had had one of my kidneys removed.
That was 5 years ago, and abdominal pain has become a regular part of my life. Lifting things often sets off my pain causing nausea and at times attacks so severe that Iím hospitalized where my pain could be more carefully managed.
Desperate for a more normal life with respect to pain management, I tried neural therapy and have been astounded by the results. After only three treatments I was doing things which I hadnít been able to do for months. I was going for long walks - pain free, lifting things - pain free. I felt a new lease on life. Now, when old symptoms recur, one treatment of neural therapy is normally all I need.
It has truly been a life saver for me."
~Val R.

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