Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic

Prolotherapy is an injection treatment for chronic pain from injuries to tendons, ligaments and joint structures. Long term injuries, such as those from motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries are often successfully treated by prolotherapy. Other common conditions treated by prolotherapy include recurrent dislocations, back pain with or without pain radiating pain down the legs, whiplash, arthritis and joint degeneration. If you have chronic pain since an injury which has partly healed or only gains temporary relief from other treatments that you have tried then you would likely benefit from prolotherapy.

The first visit to Dr. Boutet will be to assess whether or not prolotherapy is a useful option for you and a course of therapy may be recommended. Typically a significant injury will require 4 to 6 prolotherapy treatments. Very bad injuries may take 10 treatments or more while minor injuries such as tennis elbow usually requires 2 or 3 treatments. Prolotherapy is a lasting treatment. Unless you re-injure yourself or have blood sugar problems, the benefits of prolotherapy are permanent. For more information on how prolotherapy works go to