Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic
Live and Dry Blood Analysis

Live and dry blood analysis is a method of objectively viewing a sample of your blood under a specialized microscope to determine if your blood is in a state of health or showing changes indicative of declining health. These changes are suggestive of imbalances or disease in your body due to factors such as dehydration, poor digestion, nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, oxidative / free radical stress, parasitic or fungal infections, organ weaknesses, allergies, pH imbalances and more.

Combining the variety of images seen in the live and dry blood samples along with your medical history, symptoms and signs from physical examination, the blood microscopist and naturopathic doctor will develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment program designed to return you to a state of health.

Our friendly and informative blood microscopist Teena MacLean will provide you with a report summarizing any imbalances seen during your test and help you understand the processes that have contributed to these changes . By involving you in the process, and showing you images of healthy blood you can assist to identify any differences or additional features indicating imbalance. Knowing that virtually any imbalance identified by live and dry blood is treatable, this visual insight into the state of health of your blood and body is very motivating to start you on your return to health and to see the improvements along the way.

"Live and dry blood analysis is the single best test that I have seen to identify the widest range of health indicators showing good health or otherwise the need for improvement. It is also one of the best tests to show early imbalances in the body that can occur prior to symptoms and typically long before disease develops. It is a great system to apply preventative medicine."

- Dr. Marc Boutet ND