Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic
IV Therapies

The use of nutrients and natural medicines intravenously is a potent therapy to restore energy, restore function of the cells, boost immune function and speed healing for virtually all chronic and many acute health conditions. The standard combination of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is called the Myers Cocktail and has been used successfully for decades. The Myers Cocktail is typically delivered from a small bag of normal saline over 15-20 minutes. Needles used for this procedure are very small so other than a minor initial prick the treatment is painless. Noticeably improved energy typically occurs in between and one and three treatments.

Some of the most common health conditions treated with the Myers Cocktail include chronic fatigue, asthma, migraines, fibromyalgia, depression, arrhythmia, postnatal recovery for mothers, colds/flus, hives, all digestive tract conditions where nutrient absorption is compromised, spider bites, pre/post surgery, for athletes to boost their competitive edge or for anyone experiencing any degree of adrenal fatigue or burnout. Frequency of treatment for more serious conditions is usually twice per week for two weeks then gradually decreasing frequency as health is restored. Recovered patients will often request an additional treatment every few months to boost their energy.

Glutathione Therapy for Parkinsonís Disease

Research indicates that low glutathione levels in the substantia nigra and the ensuing oxidative damage including to the dopamine producing cells is a key underlying factor in the development of Parkinsons. Low glutathione levels are present very early in the pathology of this condition. IV Glutathione which is a very powerful antioxidant slows, stops and may even assist to reverse this degenerative process. Clinically patients may respond with almost immediate results showing improved walking, reduced tremors, and less rigidity. This therapy is further enhanced with the addition of IV phosphatidylcholine as well as an appropriate oral supplement program.

Phosphatidylcholine IV

Phoscholine is a lipid that makes up the majority of the cell membrane of the cells of your body. The membrane is vital for the normal function of the cell. With mitochondria, the energy producing centers of our cells, the lack of a functional cell membrane means a partial or complete inability to produce energy and often results in irreversible damage to our cells ability to produce energy. As we age the ratio of phoscholine to sphingomyelin decreases. Sphyingomyelin is a harder, less flexible component which gradually results in increasing cell membrane dysfunction and is a by-product of the aging process. The use of IV Phoscholine helps to restore the youthful function and healing ability of younger cells. Research has shown potent effects of IV Phoscholine including normalizing cholesterol levels, dramatically decreasing angina, decreasing atherosclerotic plaques, decrease in platelet aggregation, dramatic improvement in liver disease, and remarkable symptomatic improvement in combination with glutathione in neurotoxic conditions including Alzeimerís, Parkinsonís, Autism, ALS and metal toxicity. The particular form of this Phoscholine preparation is also important. It is created in spheres called liposomes which are able to immediately substitute for damage cell wall lipids. Taken in oral form liposomes are also able to cross the gut lining without previously being digested which is not the case for standard phoscholine.