Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic
Dr. Rachel Bell

Dr. Rachel Bell received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. Prior to this, she completed her undergraduate studies at Trinity Western University where she received a Bachelor of Kinesiology with a Minor in Biology. Dr. Bellís medical training also includes time spent in Nicaragua treating various conditions at community clinics in addition to working at a non-profit organization in Vancouver treating patients with chronic disease and terminal illness.

Dr. Bellís medical philosophy includes partnering with her patients as they journey towards their unique health care goals. Dr. Bell believes that optimal health is a lifelong journey, in which Naturopathic Physicians support and educate their patients about preventative care, responsible screening and appropriate interventions. These interventions may include botanical medicine, therapeutic nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture and pharmaceutical drugs when necessary. Dr. Bell also has additional training in intravenous therapy, neural therapy, trigger point injections, biotherapeutic drainage, and chelation therapy.

Dr. Bell passionately believes that optimal health includes wellness on not only the physical, but on the emotional and spiritual planes as well. She has competed internationally in the equestrian sport of dressage, aided in the development of her university rowing program, and has more recently begun to compete in triathlons with her husband. Dr. Bell is a licensed member of the British Columbia Naturopathic Association (BCNA), the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND).

Particular Areas of Interest Include:

  • Womenís Health:
    • hormone imbalance
    • PMS
    • menopausal symptoms
    • painful periods
    • infertility
    • chronic yeast infections
    • urinary tract infections
    • PCOS
    • osteoporosis
    • arthritis
  • Digestive Complaints:
    • IBS
    • GERD
    • gas and bloating
    • ulcerative colitis
    • heartburn, nutrient malabsorption (anemia)
    • fatigue
    • indigestion)
    • peptic ulcers
    • constipation
    • gallstones
    • food allergies
  • Skin conditions:
    • acne
    • eczema
    • psoriasis
    • dry skin
    • fungal infections
    • ulcers
    • rosacea
    • dermatitis
  • Hormone issues:
    • hyper/hypothyroid
    • adrenal fatigue (cortisol imbalance)
    • hyper/hypoglycemia (insulin imbalance)
    • low libido
    • diabetes mellitus
  • Nervous system conditions:
    • anxiety
    • depression
    • insomnia
    • stress
    • mood disorders
    • heavy metal toxicity
  • Weight management:
    • weight loss or gain
    • sluggish metabolism
    • low energy/endurance
    • sports conditioning

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