Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic
Dr. Marc Boutet

Dr. Marc Boutet graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000 and is the Co-founder of the Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic along with his wife Dr. Samantha Boutet.

Dr. Marc Boutetís key focus is to determine and cure the root causes of illness. This challenge has led him to the discovery of advanced methods of diagnosis such as Autonomic Response Testing which is a core of Dr. Boutetís success. This scientifically proven method of applied kinesiology is taught by Dietrich Klinghardt Ph.D. According to Dr. Klinghardt, the causes of illness fall into the categories of psychological trauma, structural injury, toxicity, infections, neurological interference, nutrient deficiencies, and transgenerational family dynamics issues. Any illness may have 1 or up to all 7 factors as the cause. Dr. Boutet believes that it is not always possible to determine all of these underlying factors using the standard Naturpathic Medicine diagnostic methods of a thorough case taking, physical exam and standard medical tests. Therefore in addition to these standard methods Dr. Marc Boutet frequently applies ART to assist in the diagnosis, to select ideal medicines and monitor progress on the way to healing.

Naturopathic tests that Dr. Boutet commonly uses include Live Blood Analysis, pH assessment and body chemistry analysis, toxic metals hair analysis, E-95 food allergy test.

To efficiently address all 7 causes of illness, the appropriate therapies and medicines studied in the Naturopathic Medical training are utilized as are additional specialized courses taken by Dr. Boutet.

Psychological trauma: Homeopathy, herbal medicine, and neurotransmitter supplementation are a few of the preferred medicines utilized by Dr. Boutet. Also Mental Field Tapping is a simple but potent de-stressing exercise which is typically taught in the first couple of visits.

Structural Injury: Prolotherapy, an injection therapy which stimulates the healing of tendon, ligament and joint structures is an extremely effective therapy for long term injuries such as sports injuries or motor vehicle accidents. For less severe injuries, Dr. Boutet can work by hand to provide vertebral adjustments or work out trigger points.

Toxicity: With the benefit of ART specific toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, neurotoxins and others can be identified and removed by identifying the ideal detoxifying medicines. Dr. Boutet uses Intravenous Therapy for more severe cases and Ionic Footbaths as an adjunct to many detox programs.

Infections: Not only acute but also chronic infections such as Lyme and coinfections, mycoplasma, herpes viruses, bacteria, parasites, mold, yeast, fungus as well as their neurotoxins are a significant issue. Herbal medicines are a very powerful tool in this category as are certain intravenous medicines or injectable homeopathics.

Neurological Interference: Neural therapy is an ideal medicine in this category. Whether it be post-surgical scars, previous injury or toxins interfering with acupuncture meridians or organ function, neural therapy has a potent and often immediate effect.

Nutrient Deficiencies: Not only due to deficiencies in the soil but also due to malabsorption issues nutrient deficiencies are common. The most common deficiencies include iodine, magnesium, B6, zinc, and B12. Most typically supplemented orally, it is sometimes better and faster to give intravenously or as an intramuscular shot.

Transgenerational Family Dynamics Issues: Dr. Boutet has taken specialized training also in this category to address psychological stressors that are being passed down the family line. People experience the emotion or feeling as if it were their own however, it originally stems typically from a family member from a previous generation. These issues can be effectively addressed with different methods than are used for psychological trauma.

Dr. Boutetís goal is to work with you to achieve wellness with the most effective therapies and medicines available while you make recommended dietary and lifestyle changes. Advice and support is given along the way, and education is provided to understand how to maintain your health.